Our Advantages

  • 01.

    Technical Expertise

    Application engineering from sizing & selection, concept design, and CAD support.

  • 02.

    Process Improvement

    Engineered retrofit solutions and product upgrades.

  • 03.

    Motion Control

    Electrical control system design & engineering, fabrication, and integration.

  • 04.

    Rapid Response

    Responding rapidly to our customer’s inquiries and needs is a staple in our culture.  We pride ourselves on being the “first ones on the scene” in the eyes of our customers.

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    Integrated Solutions

    Designed systems for seamless transition into existing machinery and processes. 


Automation Solutions

Automation Products & Engineered Systems

Hydrotech represents one of the broadest selections of automation and control products in the region. With dedicated teams of application specialists across industries including commercial printing, machine tool, material handling, assembly, general manufacturing and many more, we add value to the products we represent in a variety of ways. We build complete and tested assemblies and are able to ship plug-and play ready orders. Our engineers regularly provide consulting and programming services helping keep your operations running smoothly and improving output. We also provide engineered design assistance and technical support all while working toward the goal of optimizing your motion control systems for the best time, cost and lifecycle management.

We are the Authorized Distributor for the following manufacturers: 

Bosch Rexroth Automation


          Gam Myostat Cool Muscle Products


Bringing you these solutions, we focus on three main technologies:


Linear Motion and Handling Technology:

  • Cylinders and Sensing Technologies 
  • Valve & Valve Terminal Solutions 
  • Gripper and Vacuum Technology
  • Air Prep and Accessory Components
  • Profiled Linear Guide Rail Systems 
  • Linear Shaft & Bushing Guides 
  • Ball Screw Drive Products 
  • Linear Systems Solutions
  • Profile Framing Solutions
  • Conveyor Systems 
  • Linear Motion Products 
  • Integrated Factory Solutions 
  • Robotic Handling Systems 
  • Clamping & Holding Systems

Power Transmission Technology:

  • Rack & Pinion Drive Solutions 
  • Bellows & Elastomer Couplings 
  • Safety & Torque Limiting Couplings 
  • Miniature Couplings 
  • Line Shaft Couplings 
  • In-line & Right Angle Gear Reducers 
  • Linear Offset Mount Products

Drive and Control Technology: 

  • Servo Motors & Drives 
  • Variable Frequency Drives 
  • Motion & CNC Controls 
  • HMI & PC Based Solutions
  • Integrated Servo Drives 
  • Integrated Servo Actuators 
  • Gear Reducers 
  • Couplings
  • Variable Frequency Drives 
  • Touch Panel HMI


Collaborative Robotics Integration

Hydrotech, Inc. is an Authorized integrator of ABB Collaborative Robotics.  Collaborative Robotics technology is a new advancement that allows humans to work alongside robots seamlessly and safely.  

Product Spotlight - Zimmer Group

Hydrotech, Inc. is the Authorized Distributor for Zimmer Group products.  Sommer Automatic has recently merged brand names under Zimmer Group and we can also provide support for that product line.  Take a look below at a brief overview of Zimmer Group's new Gripper Series 5000 for our current product spotlight!  Zimmer's 5000 series of grippers comes equipped with the industry's newest product evolution: Steel Dovetail Guides.  Zimmer's Steel Dovetail Guides provide more gripping force than the standard sawtooth design and can provide up to 30 million cycles without maintenance, 3X the industry standard!


Automation Repair, Programming Support, and Troubleshooting

We Are Your Authorized Bosch Rexroth & Indramat Repair Source


One reason why there's still a large amount of Rexroth Indramat components being used today in the field...they were built to last.  But after years of productivity, we are seeing a lot of Indramat components that are needing repair. Fortunately, we are the only Authorized Indramat Repair source for Ohio & Kentucky.  A lot of companies say they are capable of Indramat repairs, but do not have the technical ability to offer a quality repair and as a result many out of box failures and other issues happen.

In Need of Rexroth Indramat Repair?  Click here to Initiate Repair!    

Why Authorized Factory Repair?

Sending your repairs directly to Bosch Rexroth® through Hydrotech guarantees your equipment is returned to like-new standards. Utilizing factory-trained specialists and genuine Bosch Rexroth parts, your repair will be returned to you with a complete factory-backed warranty.

When you send your Indramat repairs to Third-Party repair centers a number of things can happen:

  • Out-of-Box Failures
  • They are Using Non-Genuine Replacement Parts
  • Un-Qualified Specialists Work on Your Repair
  • The Warranty from Bosch Rexroth is Now Voided

Below is a side by side comparison of Unauthorized Repair vs. Authorized Repair:

Bosch Rexroth Automation Repair

If you'd like more information on Ohio & Kentucky Authorized Bosch Rexroth, Indramat, or Automation Repair and the dangers of going to a third- party,

Click here to read more why Authorized Repair is so important.