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    Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners

    Together, we continue to navigate the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus. During this time of change and uncertainty, Hydrotech’s primary commitment is to maintain a safe and secure environment for our employees, our families, and our communities while continuing to support our customers’ needs.

    New compact hydraulic PowerPacks from DHP

    Over the years DHP PowerPacks has found its niche in highly engineered custom products. This has created a solid foundation for custom powerpack solutions for various applications.

    Hydrotech Acquired by Fluid System Components

    Hydrotech has been acquired by Fluid System Components. This acquisition allows us to better serve our customers and positions Hydrotech and Fluid System Components as one of the most capable industrial distributors and solutions providers in the country.

    Hydrotech Adds Bosch Rexroth Assembly Technology Line for Framing, Safety, and Conveyor Solutions

    Hydrotech has added the Assembly Technology product line from longtime partner Bosch Rexroth to offer framing, safety, and conveyor solutions. We have also added a dedicated Product Manager for the Assembly Technology line.

    Sun Hydraulics Upgrades The Already Powerful Manifold Design Tool QuickDesign

    Not every manifold design requires 5-axis technology, but if you could reduce the manifold size and weight, reduce the number of potential leak points and create a more efficient design with improved flow paths, why wouldn’t you? The latest release of our web-based QuickDesign with SmartConnect™ will do all that and a lot more.

    Hydrotech Product Offering For ABB Industrial Robots

    As one of the world’s leading robotics suppliers, ABB Robotics is active in 53 countries and over 100 locations, having shipped over 400,000 robot solutions in a diverse range of industries and applications. ABB Robotics is a leading supplier of industrial robots, also providing robot software, peripheral equipment, modular manufacturing cells,

    Hydrotech Hosts Local Middle School for NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge

    The NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge is a competition that challenges middle school students to solve an engineering problem using fluid power. Students work in teams to design and build a fluid power machine and then compete with other teams in a timed competition. The Challenge gives kids experience in hands-on learning, teamwork,

    Up To 80% Energy Savings With Sytronix Variable-Speed Pump Drive from Bosch Rexroth

    Sytronix is the "smart integration of hydraulics and electronics": a bold combination of the key features and most important advantages of both technologies in one platform. Sytronix Variable Speed Pump Drives offer the reliability of powerful Rexroth hydraulics, fully integrated with the energy efficiency and dynamics of compact electronics.

    The Nerve Platform from TTTech brings IoT Edge Intelligence For Industrial Automation

    Today, the industrial automation market faces the challenge of an inflexible infrastructure that is not prepared for the rapidly changing demands of business. Nerve addresses this issue by acting as the missing link between your business and your machines.

    Bosch Rexroth and Tulip announce strategic alliance to bring Smart Workstation to market

    Meet the Workstation of the future.  Brought to you by Bosch Rexroth and Tulip, the Smart Workstation does more for your team. Ergonomic, sensor-rich and app-ready — it’s a better way to manufacture.

    The Plug-in Ready IoT Gateway Rack from Bosch Rexroth

    The IoT Gateway Rack has the ability to connect legacy PLCs and simple digital and analog I/O to collect data from machines that were manufactured without Industry 4.0 data transfer capabilities, making it the ideal solution for retrofitting older machines.

    Hydrotech Wins 2018 Goering Center Award For Family Business with 76+ Employees

    The Goering Center named the top family and private businesses in the region at its nineteenth annual awards at JACK Casino in downtown Cincinnati.  Hydrotech is proud to say that we won the Goering Center Award for Family Business with 76+ employees! 

    Hydrotech Partners with Sheffer Corporation To Bring The Latest Industrial Cylinders To Market

    Hydrotech, Inc. adds to our world-class line of products by partnering with Cincinnati, OH based Sheffer Corporation to bring the latest hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic positioning, and customer cylinder technology to market.

    Aventics offers IIoT solution for Immediate Integration

    “Everyone is talking about the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT – lots of companies are looking to take advantage of it,” reports Andreas Kliewe, Manager Application & Specification at Aventics. But when it comes to realizing this potential, many companies are just getting started. This is exactly where we come in. Users can simply

    Essential Valve Systems (ES05) From AVENTICS

    Custom valve manifolds traditionally take several days or even weeks to get to the end customer. The ES05 requires fewer components and is simple to assemble, allowing Hydrotech, Inc., an Authorized AVENTICS supplier & distributor, to stock what is needed to quickly assemble and test exactly what you need - in as little as one business

    Introducing the Gripper Series 5000 from Zimmer Group

    With its Gripper 5000 series of premium grippers, Zimmer Group introduces a completely new line of premium grippers that sets new standards in terms of performance and design in handling and automation technology. These truly universal grippers are available with either pneumatic or electric drive. The electric versions not only hold their own

    The Factory Of The Future Open House & Roadshow

    Manufacturing is evolving.  Companies are looking to be more efficient through the utilization of data and connected components to optimize production processes.  Taking the first step towards Industry 4.0 can seem like a daunting process and massive undertaking, but it doesn't have to be!  With over 50 years of industry expertise, dedicated

    SKF Introduces Upgraded Lubrication Controller with Digital Display

    The SKF 85307 lubrication controller provides confidence that machinery is receiving proper lubrication. Equipped with both visual and audible fault notifications, the unit’s three-digit LED displays easy-to-identify codes so that lubrication system issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

    The AutoFilt RF3 From HYDAC Delivers Superior Removal of Contamination Particles

    The AutoFilt® RF3 is an automatic self-cleaning filtration system designed for continuous maintenance-free filtration for all major manufacturing and processing industries. It removes solid contamination from low viscosity fluids such as

    A Revolutionary New Way to Cool Your Electrical Enclosures from Pfannenberg

    The PKS 3000 Series Air/Air Heat Exchangers use Pfannenberg’s next generation Kinetic Cooling System™ to exchange and remove heat from an electrical enclosure. This is a perfect solution for those looking to reduce the energy, maintenance and footprint associated with traditional enclosure cooling units. Designed for indoor, outdoor/remote

    Visualization ensures optimized cylinder cushioning

    Many customers use the Aventics Cushioning Adjustment Tool (CAT) to simplify cylinder cushioning adjustment. Aventics has now launched a CAT app to help customers better identify when the optimal state has been reached.

    A Focus on Backlighting for Conveyor Systems from mk North America

    One way both human and robot operators are improving efficiency in the workplace is by backlighting conveyor systems. As the name infers, a light is usually installed behind a translucent conveyor belt and this creates a contrast between the belt and the product being conveyed. This makes it easier to see what’s on the belt and is essential

    WITTENSTEIN Expands Galaxie Product Line with New Sizes & Ultra-flat Design

    WITTENSTEIN, a leading global manufacturer of motion control products, servo systems and mechatronic systems, announced it is expanding its renowned Galaxie® system product line to include more sizes, a hypoid version and a new ultra-flat version.

    Hydrotech, Inc. Teams with Cincinnati State Technical College to Upgrade Training Equipment for Students

    Cincinnati State’s Lab equipment used by students studying Hydraulics & Pneumatics have been in use for over 20 years by thousands of students and the equipment started to show its age. Hydrotech, Inc. along with the leading industry component manufacturer Bosch Rexroth wanted to change this.

    Eliminate Coolant with Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) from DropsA

    The aim of near dry machining is to replace traditional coolant and pure oil flood systems in a machining environment with an accurately controlled compressed air stream that carries minimal quantities of oil lubrication in an "aerosol" format to the cutting surface. This ensures lubrication of the cutting surface and allows for..

    Bosch Rexroth ActiveCockpit Allows for Real-Time Visualization of Production Data

    As an interactive communication platform ActiveCockpit processed and visualized production data in real time. ActiveCockpit networked IT applications such as production planning, quality data management and e-mailing with the software functionality of machines and plants. The information is the basis for decisions and...

    Introducing the IndraDrive ML from Bosch Rexroth

    The IndraDrive ML extends the IndraDrive series into the upper power range: individually up to 500 kW, connected in parallel up to 8 devices and up to 4 MW. These space-saving, modular inverters are real all-rounders – they can be used as a mains power inverter or as a motor inverter. This minimizes the variants, simplifies handling and...

    Engineering a Quieter Power Unit

    This was a Hydraulic system that we designed for a customer of ours who is a builder of Cutting Presses, to serve the Automotive, Carpet, and Home Cleaning Products markets, to name a few.  The noise level specification below 75 dba is fast becoming a prevalent requirement, as manufacturers increase their focus on...

    7 Tips To Design The Right Hydraulic Power Unit

    Power units are primarily the functional drive unit for a hydraulic application. To be successful in designing or sizing a power unit, the designer must know what will be driven, and in what sequence. Additionally, the size, the number of actuators, volumes and the...

    The SPU 2040 Recirculating Pallet Conveyor from MK Technology Group

    The SPU 2040 is an accumulating pallet recirculation system for cost-effective interlinking, feeding, buffering, positioning and separation of work-pieces in the tightest of spaces with automatic work-piece carrier recirculation. The system’s sturdiness and wide range of variants makes it suitable for

    IoT Gateway – Get ready for Industry 4.0!

    Network new and existing machines cost efficiently and optimize production processes and product quality: The IoT Gateway makes it easy to connect to Industry 4.0 environments without intervening in the automation logic. The precisely coordinated combination of control hardware and software for implementing IT applications collects ...

    Five Reasons Why Now is the Right Time to Consider a Press Retrofit

    Presses are hard-working machines, and many have been in service for years—some since the early 1950s. As a press ages, problems can occur, and even the most robust of presses will eventually require retrofitting or replacement.  The initial symptoms may simply be increased or more frequent downtime while components are replaced.  As time goes

    How to easily setup an IoT connected Preventative Maintenance Condition Monitoring System from HYDAC

    All of HYDAC's Industry 4.0 ready hydraulic systems are fitted with their latest sensor technology that is in-line with Industry 4.0 to create smart machines that are able to self-monitor, self-learn and self-correct. To build a smart system using HYDAC’s level one package, you will require... A Contamination Sensor (CS1000) for counting the

    Power Unit Rebuild Lessens Downtime & Improves Output

    The four central hydraulic units had been sitting in storage for nearly three years. They had originally been purchased from Hydrotech, Inc. in 1986 to operate several tire curing presses for a major rubber manufacturer. The customer needed more capacity from their one of their facilities. One of the solutions was to bring those old hydraulic units

    Solution Spotlight: Hydrotech Modernizes Turret Cylinder for Steel Production Application

    One of the world's leading steel & mining companies asked Hydrotech to rebuild and modernize a system critical to the overall production of various steel-based products.  The system in question was for the most part a manifold + cylinder combination commonly called a turret cylinder.  This was a giant cylinder, much...

    Connecting real machines with information technologies and the Internet increases productivity in the workplace

    Industry 4.0 changes the rules of the game for manufacturing. Connecting real machines with information technologies and the Internet increases productivity.  Companies that use new technologies for Industry 4.0 are more competitive because they produce at lower costs and meet customer needs with more flexibility. One thing is certain: Industry

    Introducing the Sun FLeX™ Series Solenoid Valves & Coils: Performance driven. Market priced.

    Premium performance. Market priced. The new Sun FLeX™ Series Solenoid Valves & Coils launch today! Designed from the ground up for flexibility and better performance in mobile and industrial markets, FLeX features 16 new solenoid-operated valves and three coils. These valves offer superior pressure/flow performance, high reliability, and

    Introducing the XMD from Sun Hydraulics – A Compact, Bluetooth Configurable Electro-Hydraulic Driver

    Built to stand up to extreme environmental conditions in mobile and industrial applications, Sun's XMD is a high-powered, electronic control device for electrically operated hydraulic actuators. The XMD is the first..

    An Inside Look at WITTENSTEIN Enhanced Worm Gearboxes

    WITTENSTEIN's V-Drive Basic, V-Drive Value & V-Drive Advanced deliver best-in-class precision tailored up to 2 arcminutes. Ideal contact conditions and high quality lubricants guarantee more than 95% efficiency throughout a lifespan of more than..

    Hydrotech, Inc. Named a Semi-Finalist for the 18th Annual 2017 Goering Center Family & Private Business Awards

    Hydrotech, Inc. is proud to announce the recognition as a Semi-Finalist for the 18th Annual, 2017 Goering Center Family & Private Business Awards. As a semi-finalist, Hydrotech, Inc. will be further evaluated by an independent panel of judges who will be looking at the breakthroughs and accomplishments that distinguished their business – and the

    HYDAC's US accumulator manufacturing facilities achieves PED (also known as "CE") certification

    The PED sets the standards for the design and fabrication of pressure equipment and other components and assemblies subject to pressure loading. HYDAC’s Accumulator manufacturing facility in Bethlehem, PA has achieved certification of its ...

    Hydrotech Partners with LEANTECHNIK for North American launch

    It has been touted as one of the more innovative products in recent times, and the possibilities of its application are truly endless. Linear gear rack drives from LEANTECHNIK convert rotation into linear motion and their modular design allows multiple options. The quadrilateral rack with roller bearing drives have a high exact positioning for

    Compact | Connected | Complete - Bosch Rexroth's CytroPac

    CytroPac is the first compact hydraulic power unit to provide optimized hydraulic performance within such a compact, drop-in ready design. It is ready to be networked with multi-Ethernet and Industry 4.0 connectivity, and is as much as 50%...

    Putting Sun Hydraulics at the heart of hydraulic regenerative braking systems

    The hydraulics in the system are controlled by two custom-designed Sun Hydraulics manifolds using a range of Sun cartridge valves, including flow control, directional and solenoid-operated valves. The larger of the two manifolds handles the..

    Bosch Rexroth Launches New Pump for Closed-Circuit Application

    Bosch Rexroth recently has launched the A21 VG 35/45, a compact double pump for closed-circuit applications featuring an efficient back-to-back design that allows for installation in applications with very limited mounting space.

    Zimmer Group presents the next gripper generation for human-robot collaboration

    Robots have long been an indispensable part of the everyday industrial, but in the future more and more people are working directly with robots or are supported by them at work. In order for this human-robot collaboration (HRC) ensure maximum safety, special robots and customized handling components are required. High demands are made both to the

    ABB Introduces YuMi, the world's first truly collaborative dual-arm robot

    In 1974, ABB introduced the world’s first microprocessor controlled, all-electric industrial robot and kick-started the modern robotics revolution. ABB now has an installed base of more than 250’000 robots worldwide. With the introduction of YuMi, ABB is once again pushing the boundaries of robotic automation by ..

    New Product: IO-Link Ready Gripper from Zimmer Group

    Zimmer Group is known for product innovation with such examples being their revolutionary dove-tail design vs. the industry standard sawtooth design and continues that trend with..

    Fire, Ambulance, & Safety Industry | We Support You Because You Support Them

    Hydrotech, Inc. has various products and solutions for the Fire & Safety industry that will keep your equipment on the cutting-edge providing better service to those in need.

    #MachineMonday | NREL's Newest Dynamometer

    For #MachineMonday, take a look at NREL's newest Dynamometer capable of testing wind turbines up to 5 megawatts in-capacity. The device exposes the wind turbine's drivetrain and generator—housed in the white nacelle on the left—to the loads and torques that they may experience in the field.

    "Sommer-Automatic": The Brand Passes Into History, The Products Look Forward to The Future.

    The Sommer-Automatic brand has served users in the automation sector for decades, but now it is time to look to the future.

    Bosch Rexroth & Hydrotech Team Up To Showcase The Factory Of The Future

    The "connected factory" and next industrial revolution utilizing intelligent automation technologies will lead to a faster and more flexible production process, greater efficiency of material, and reduction of complexity and downtime by connecting real machines with information and the internet (IoT).

    Sun Hydraulics Continues to be the Industry-Leader in Providing Online Tools for the Modern Day Engineer | Custom Manifolds & Integrated Packages

    There's no secret that today's industrial engineer is tasked with a lot...Everything from solution design & product selection to interfacing with customers on specific applications. Sun Hydraulics has definitely kept this fact in mind when developing their online configurators such as QuickDesign that aim to provide a resource for engineers to

    Sun Hydraulics' Integrated Packages Deliver Efficiency and Save Money

    Sun Hydraulics' Integrated Packages & Custom Manifolds are the perfect fit for companies wanting to find ways to be more efficient and reduce costs.

    OSHA Increasing Fines Up to 80% In 2016

    In 1990 OSHA set the maximum civil penalties for violation of its workplace safety guidelines. Since then they have not been updated or adjusted, but not for very long.

    Maxon Motors Will Help Travel To The Sun?

    On July 20th 1969, The United States Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon.  There have been six manned U.S. landings between 1969 and 1972 and numerous unmanned landings, with no soft landings happening from 1976 until 2013. 

    Expertise Meets Affordability: Introducing Zimmer GPP1000 Gripper Series

    Are you looking for a reliable gripper with an unbeatable price/performance ratio?  Well look no further because Zimmer Group has just introduced their brand new Gripper Series GPP1000.  Unlike its competition, this highly affordable gripper offers a 100N gripping force in three different strokes, 4mm, 8mm, and 16mm per gripper jaw.

    Aventics Offers Next Generation Technology for the Industrial World

    Aventics is a manufacturer of Pneumatic and Hydraulic products specifically pneumatic cylinders, pressure control valves, and other valve technology. Moving a big manufacturing location to Lexington, KY in June of 2014 is now increasing the ability for fast lead times and superior regional support. There are a few new products in particular however

    The Cabinet-Free Drive Technology

    Bosch Rexroth is once again developing the most cutting edge technology, which is changing the way our world manufactures and develops products.  In the world of manufacturing, specifically the automation sector, all electronically controlled machines need big control cabinets for all of the electrical controls for the machine.  This can be very

    Aventics Introduces Focused Delivery Program: Quick Ship

    In 2014 Bosch Rexroth sold off their Pneumatic business.  A new standalone company has been created from the new ownership of the former Pneumatics business unit of Bosch Rexroth.  The former subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth has been operating as a standalone company since the beginning of 2014, whose headquarters is located in Lexington, KY. 

    A Staple in Bringing New Technology to Old Applications

    High Country Tek is globally recognized and market leaders in the Hydraulic Fan Drive and the Electric Motor Fan Controller arena.  Their wide and proven product range to suit virtually any style or type of cooling application, seamlessly operating with other manufacturer’s controllers or integrating discrete hydraulic pumps, motors or valve

    Bringing Autonomy to Engineering

    As the world becomes more and more automated, very complex processes, procedures, and configurations are becoming less burdening, yielding quicker results and making operations more efficient.  This is especially true for the industrial world which is rapidly changing.

    Bosch Rexroth to Host Mobile Hydraulics Product & Applications Conference

    Bosch Rexroth and their distributor partners will be hosting a 2-day event in Indianapolis, IN at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  The event will be showcasing Bosch Rexroth’s latest technology for your mobile hydraulic applications, addressing product and application information. 

    The Complete Line of Grippers and Handling Technology

    The Zimmer Group, a manufacturer of pneumatic and electrical handling components and systems based out of Germany is expanding its reach into the U.S.A.  In doing so they have recently acquired Sommer Automatic, a company that mirrors them who had a fair market share in the U.S.A.

    Adjustable Pneumatic Cylinder Cushioning from Aventics

    There has always been cushioning for pneumatic cylinders: preset cushioning and adjustable cushioning.  With preset cushioning there is a preset/standard value un-adjustable depending on applications

    The 4th Industrial Revolution? Industry 4.0

    They are calling it the 4th industrial revolution. Bosch Rexroth has come out with a new term; Industry 4.0.  But what exactly does Industry 4.0 mean? Industry 4.0 is a term encompassing a number of advanced automation, data-exchange, industrial manufacturing technologies, and promoting the computerization of manufacturing.

    Webinar: Differences Between the Industry-Common Cavity and the Sun Cavity.

    In this webinar, we'll explore the differences between the industry-common cavity and the Sun cavity. The presentation is followed by Q&A with attendees.

    Hydac Develops Portable Measuring Unit for the Aviation Industry, Turning 7 Days Into 15 Minutes

    If there is anything to know about the aviation industry, “timing is everything”.  Everything in the aviation industry works in timely unison.  This even goes as far as product development and testing. 

    SKF Offers New Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator

    The use of lubricant on a steel wire rope considerably reduces friction and, as a result, it minimizes the following two related factors:

    #MachineMonday - Subsea Mining Robots

    There are three robots that will be sent to collect ore from the ocean's floor — all with different jobs. One chews through the metal-rich chimneys that collect as a result of super hot water coming out of sulfurous vents in the seafloor. The second robot will then come in and use its strength to pulverize rock walls. The third then feeds the

    High Response Servos Custom Engineered to Control Autonomous Ground Vehicles

    Technology is a fickle beast. You update one aspect of a process only to learn you need to update another. That was the case for an aluminum foundry after it updated the software for its autonomous guided vehicles.

    Custom-Designed Test Stand Streamlines Production Process

    A jet engine manufacturer needed a better way to accurately measure and record pressures and flows of two types of manifolds.

    IndraMotion MLC for Hydraulics Enables Patented Welding Process For 50% Less Cost

    Challenge: Develop a welding solution for joining advanced high-strength steel that is scalable, precise, affordable and can be adapted to various applications

    Rexroth Indramat Repairs: Third Party vs. Authorized Repairs

    One reason why there's still a large amount of Rexroth & Indramat automation components being used today in the field...they were built to last!  But after years of productivity, we are seeing a lot of Indramat components that are needing repair. Fortunately, we are the only Authorized Indramat Repair source for Ohio & Kentucky and can...

    Hydrotech Donates $180,000 of Modern Equipment to Cincinnati State's Electro-Mechanical Engineering Program

    Hydrotech, Inc., a Cincinnati-based fluid power and motion automation solutions provider, has donated four brand-new hydraulic training stands to Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. The training assemblies, valued at $30,000 per unit, will be used by students in Cincinnati State’s Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technologies program.

    Less Downtime Convinces Goodyear to Repair Hydraulic Units for Tire Curing Process

    In 2014, executives at Goodyear needed more capacity from their Fayetteville, North Carolina plant. One of the solutions was to bring those old hydraulic units back into use. As each unit can supply four to five presses, that meant up to 20 additional presses could be up and running.

    Hydrotech, Inc. Breaks Ground on 23,000 sq. ft. Expansion

    Hydrotech, Inc., a fluid power and motion automation solutions provider, is about to undergo a 23,000 square foot expansion to its Cincinnati headquarters located in West Chester Township. The expansion is necessary as the company..

    Obsolete Remanufacture & Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

    "I have seen a lot of cylinders come through here and I haven't seen one in this kind of shape." That was the reaction from Hydrotech, Inc. machinist Bobby Watson when he saw..

    4 - Easy Steps to Hydraulic Rush Repair

    First Hydrotech determines the reason the component has failed. Included is a full detailed inspection report with...

    Maintenance Tips to Ensure Longevity of Modular Conveyor Systems in Flexible Manufacturing

    Taking the time to perform several routine maintenance procedures can add to the efficiency and longevity of the system. Follow these tips to keep your conveyors running smoothly...

    #MachineMonday - General Electric GEnx 1-B engine used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

    From GE Aviation's website, "The GEnx is the fastest-selling engine in GE Aviation history with more than 1,300 engines on order. Compared to GE's CF6 engine, the GEnx engine offers up to 15 percent better fuel consumption, which translates to 15 percent less CO2. The engine is a giant leap forward in...

    #MachineMonday - World's Largest Wind Turbine

    For today's #MachineMonday, here is the worlds largest wind turbine blade!

    Bosch Rexroth is Dedicated to Energy Efficiency Through 4EE Program

    As long as power generation entails CO2 emissions and internal-combustion engines produce exhaust gas, striving to use energy efficiently will help protect the climate. This applies to stationary as well as mobile machines. Together, machine manufacturers, machine users, and Bosch Rexroth can lower energy consumption

    Hydrotech, Inc. Teams with Cincinnati State Technical College to Upgrade Pneumatic Equipment

    Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program Mike DeVore notes that the approximately 200 majors in his program, as well as an equal number of electro-mechanical engineering technology majors, use the lab’s outdated equipment ...

    30-80% Energy Savings with Bosch-Rexroth's SvP Technology

    As the cost of energy and demand to reduce energy consumption are on the rise, manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to save money with energy efficient Hydraulics.