Pressure Transducers

HDA 4386-A-0030-000-F1 (psi)



MATERIAL:  909113

SUMMARY:  HDA 4386-A-0030-000-F1 (psi)

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Available versions: Standard; ATEX; CSA; Schiff & Offshore; with front-flush diaphragm

The The pressure transducer series HDA 4300 is equipped with a ceramic pressure measurement cell with thick-layer DMS, which was specially developed for relative pressure measurement in the low-pressure range. The 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10V enable the connection to all measurement and control devices of HYDAC ELECTRONIC GmbH and the linkage to commercially available control and regulation units. The variant with the front-flush diaphragm was specially developed for applications in which the media used could lead to a blockage, gumming-up or freezing of a standard pressure connection. The main areas of application lie in the low-pressure ranges of hydraulics and pneumatics, particularly in refrigeration and air-conditioning, food and pharmaceutical industry applications. Further applications include processes where the medium changes frequently and any residues could cause mixing or contamination of the media.
  • Accuracy ±0.5% FS type.
  • Measurement ranges: between 0 ... 1 bar and 0 ... 40 bar (also vacuum)
  • Highly accurate temperatures
  • Excellent EMC characteristics
  • Very compact design
  • Convincing price/benefit ratio
  • Optional with front-flush diaphragm
  • Also available with ATEX, CSA or ship approval