Part Number: 3404049

Manufacturer: Dropsa


This Motor-driven Gear Pump has been designed to be used in mineral oil lubrication systems. The 340 Series is particularly suitable for feeding lubrication systems. 

Three basic versions of motor-driven gear pump are available: 

System 01 

With built-in non-return valve. Equipped with non-volumetric injectors or dosing valves, for single line lubrication systems. Working pressure is < 20 bar (290 psi) in continuous or intermittent service. 


System 04/06 

With built-in release valve, for feeding volumetric dosing valves for lubrication system with intermittent service.Working pressure is < 70 bar(1015 psi) in intermittent service. 

System 26 

With built-in non-return valve, for feeding progressive dosing units. Working pressures are < 30 bar (435 psi) in continuous service and < 70 bar (1015 psi) in intermittent service. 

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