515 lbs

Part Number: BOL-1600

Manufacturer: API Thermal Transfer


Performance Notes

Aluminum Bar and Plate series oil cooler

Provides the best heat transfer per given envelope size while minimizing pressure drop

Air-side fin design minimizes fouling and static pressure ensuring long-term, reliable performance

Welded fittings/ports and manifolds ensure structural integrity

Standard SAE ports – NPT & BSPP available

Customized units are available to meet your OE specific performance requirements

T-BAR core option provides a T-Bar core in a BOL frame. Used for high fouling or high viscosity fluids. Performance is typically 15%-25% less than the P-Bar Core.

Low Noise option available

Optional factory installed integrated bypass relief valve in the cooler tank inlet line (P-Bar). Core protection from system spikes.

Optional bypass valve with a temperature controlled opening pressure – the hotter the oil, the higher the opening pressure (single-pass only, T-Bar). Key to protecting core and bringing system temperatures up quickly in cold ambients.


Maximum Operating Pressure 250 psi (17 BAR)

Maximum Operating Temperature 300° F (150° C)


Mounting Feet: Steel

Standard Core: Brazed Aluminum Bar and Plate

Fan Guard: Steel

Connectors: Aluminum

Fan: Aluminum Hub, Plastic Blades

Shroud: Steel

Fluid Compatability

Petroleum/mineral oils

Oil/water emulsion

Water/ethylene glycol

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