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Case Study: Minimal Quantity Lubrication Escalator Chain Application

Minimal Quantity Lubrication has been around for quite some time now but Minimum Quantity Lubrication for Escalatorshas been thought to only be used for machining applications.  DropsA USA, a leading industrial lubrication manufacturer and supplier sets out to change that.  They have been developing their minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) systems for over 30 years and they are out to prove that this technology is going to change the way the world lubricates.  This following case study highlight’s DropsA’s Distributed Zone Chain Conveyor Lubrication System with Thyssen Krupp Escalator Chains as the subject.  Thyssen Krupp Elevator America is the largest producer of elevators in the Americas, with more than 200 branch and service locations, and sales of more than $2.7 billion. They also offer a range of products and services, including premium carbon steel; high-performance alloys; automotive components and systems; elevators, escalators, moving walks and passenger boarding bridges; and material trading, logistical and industries services.  A perfect fit for this case study.



Drive Chains on Escalator Systems in Underground Network - Test Site: Madrid & Barcelona

Existing System:

Various brush applicators

This prior system was creating lubrication build-up which increased friction and heat thus decreasing efficiency, life of chain and creating more maintenance problems. Below is a picture of the exes lubrication build-up created by the existing brush system. 



Contaminated chain (low penetration of lubricant) ineffective lubrication and frequent maintenance.


DropsA’s Minimal Quantity Air/Oil Distributed Zone Chain Conveyor Lubrication System  

             DropsA MKD MiQuel


  1. Number of Cycles Per Day : 19.5
  2. Oil Consumption per cycle : 1.28 cc
  3. Oil Consumption per day : 24.96 cc
  4. Oil Consumption per MONTH: 0.77 Liters   Compared with  5 Liters with Old System
  5. Elimination of Monthly Maintenance check by operator
  6. Eliminated problems of chain jumping on drive teeth
  7. System runs for 4 months between refills
  8. Preliminary study shows increase in chain life by 25%
  9. Lubricant consumption reduced by 80%



DropsA USA LogoAbove are pictures showing the progress of the MQL system eliminating the chain’s excess build-up and the surrounding area while increasing efficiency and chain life over a 22-day period.  Jason Craft Sales Manager for DropsA USA, the United States Branch of DropsA stated the following, “This case study is an incredible success for MQL, now proving that this technology is only scratching the surface of it’s capabilities and its application usage.  DropsA is dedicated to continue the advancement of this technology and is determined to be the leading provider of Minimal Quantity Lubrication technology not only with superior systems but oil as well.” 

Interested in learning more about eliminating coolant and implementing Minimum Quantity Lubrication?  Contact our Lubrication specialists today to get started!